Contemporary Dance Video Works


Thank you to all the artists who’s work will be shown as part of ViDEOSKiN in Whitehorse, Yukon, in November 2018!



International Open Call:

Accepting applications through FilmFreeway:


Seeking short contemporary dance film/video works for an exhibition The Edge Art Gallery in Whitehorse, Yukon, in Northern Canada, called ViDEOSKiN.

The show will run from November 2 to November 27, 2018.

The theme is “skin”; as a metaphor; race, representation, surface, canvas, boundary, home, clothing, a hide, screen, an organ, etc.

Looking for films/video works that push boundaries through form or content, and work made for the gallery. Welcoming short films/video works for ViDEOSKiN – contemporary dance video-art, experimental dance films, dance and new media videos, dance animation, videodance productions, biographical or documentary videos, dance on camera, etc. for application.

Application process:

  • Describe your contemporary dance video work in a one paragraph artist statement, explaining how it fits the curated ViDEOSKiN theme.
  • Additionally, include a one paragraph bio of the main artist (filmmaker/choreographer/dancer, etc.). Optional: other participating artists’ bios.
  • Only shorts will be taken into consideration, the preferred maximum length is 30 minutes and under.
  • Please do not submit documentation of a dance piece or live stage performances unless you are sure it meets the thematic criteria.
  • Include the duration, year, participating artists, medium and previous showings of the work in your proposal.
  • Send the video link and password. Mention if the work is published online. (Preference will be given to work which is currently not available online.)
  • Mention if you can be in attendance for the opening reception on November 2, 2018, or for any screenings. If so, also mention if you would be interested in giving an artist talk.
  • Send 1 (one) still image from your film which, if selected can be used for promotional purposes, include all artist credits.
  • Ensure your film/video follows the proper protocol for copyright: The applicant must declare that they have obtained all necessary rights and permissions to present the film/video work. The filmmaker/artist must own or have cleared copyright of all aspects of the submitted work. This includes all music and images used. The Edge Gallery and Hinge Arts accept no responsibility, financial or otherwise, in regards to clearing copyrighted material.
  • Optional: testimonies, and other useful information. Please don’t send any CVs.
    Submissions will close on: October 2, 2018.


  • Seeking work which is provocative and innovative without being pornographic.
  • Priority will be given to video works made by or featuring Yukon-based artists/participants.
  • Preference will be given to work produced in the past two years.
  • Selected artists will be requested to send the video work by file transfer for the exhibition.
  • Video submissions and showing is voluntary, but artists, their funding and/or sponsorship will be respectfully acknowledged by the curator and The Edge Gallery.
  • Upon selection, the curator will be in communication with the artists for a showing agreement and official write up/description for publication.



 Curated by Monique Romeiko


Hinge Arts Project


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